Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Getting Back To Blogging

It's been a busy summer to say the least.  In addition to a new job, my computer crashed, I lost all of my recipes/notes, and I have no backup.  I bought a keg fridge that died and am currently building a new one.  I'm kinda back up and running with a "new" computer that was made out of the remnants of four computers in my basement and I have internet now.  The crash has reinforced how important blogging my beer notes is cause I lost some good ones :( I plan to log my next two brews this week, lets look at what I've done since then and what we have to look forward to.

I've been gaining a lot of interest in belgian brews and thus have a fridge loaded up with multiple jars of yeast; Flander's Golden Ale, French Saison, Leuven, Brett B, Brett L, and random dreg cultures growing in airlocked whiskey bottles and gallon jugs placed strategically in closets and bathrooms around the house.

While away I've brewed a couple batches of pale rye ale (really sad I lost this recipe), a tangerine wheat, naval orange wheat, a saison, a belgian strong dark, and a hoppy red ale I've been working on, which was spectacular.  It is actually one of the brews I will be doing this weekend for an upcoming homebrew party in september.  Ther is undoubtedly a few I've missed in the list here.  I also still have three sours going; a red, a brown, and a sour cider that has been on sour cherries for the better part of 7 months now.  Initial tastings there have been extremely promising!  I'm also thinking of dry hopping a gallon of this with basil.

So in queue, recipes down, grain obtained, waiting for me to have time off of work that I'm not sleeping or cleaning up my house are these.  Most are heavily inspired or copied recipes as I haven't had the time to be too adventurous.

#1.  Northern Brewer's Petite Saison d'Ete bretted with Brett B this thursday
#2.  Tweaking the hop additions on the hoppy red ale.
#3.  Rye Saison bretted with Brett L

I've got a crazy schedule @ work now, but hopefully I can pull these brews off as scheduled.  I wanna pitch on top of the Petite Saison cake for the Rye Saison so I'm looking to do that about 10 days from tomorrow, maybe less cause I'm using wyeast's french saison which is reportedly a beast.

Cheers to everyone and here's to hoping to stay on schedule!